'A tribute is an acknowledgment of gratitude, admiration and respect' .

Respect and trust is an integral part of any relationship. I, therefore trust that you will show your gratitude in a respectful manner and present your gratuity discreetly, preferable placing it into a sealed envelope prior to your visit.

1 Hour session


2 Hour session


3 Hour session


Extended bondage/confinement *

£50 per hour

Maid/slave for a day


3rd party involvement


Day shopping trip

£150 (1)

Evening Out

£180 (2)

Chastity key holding

£1 a day (3)

Overnight session/bondage **

£500 (4)

International Sessions (excluding air flight and hotel costs) £1200 (5)

(1) I adore shopping trips…this is all about me…I like to know in advance of my allowance so I can plan where I am shopping.

(2) I am more than happy to accompany you to a fetish club/party/event. The tribute is in addition to expenses; drinks, food, entrance fees, parking and transport costs ty

(3) This is payable monthly in advance and does not include a session.

(4) An overnight session begins at 10pm until 8am, it includes a 2hour session , then you will be placed in secure bondage for the additional 1 hour session in the morning.

(5) From £1200 (excluding air flight and other expenses). Contact me for further details.

A reduced tribute is offered for regulars.

I prefer appointments to be booked in advance, however if you phone by 2pm on the day, it is possible that I may be able to accommodate you.

* Extended bondage is only offered in conjunction with a minimum one hour session

** For overnight bondage a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. <Contact me>


Mistress Nadine flexes pink cane