Nadine's Academy


H is for all the Hardwork she expects me to perform
E is for her Educational methods to make me conform
A is for the Appropriate attitude to remove all sin
D is for her Demand for unconditional discipline
M is for her Merciless enforcement of the school rules
I is for Imposition of servitude which is so cruel
S is for all the School work that makes me feel sad
T is for the time I spend in detention for being bad
R is for the Rigid  insistence on wearing uniform
E is for the Endless lines that I must write to conform
S is for her Strictness  which I find unnerves
S is for the Severe spankings that I thoroughly deserve

N is for the Numerous punishments she demands
A is for the Absolute obedience she commands
D is for Denying my pleasurable activities
I is for her Intelligence, charm and civilities
N is for  New vocation which will be my saviour
E is for her Enthusiasm to correct my Behaviour

Thank you Headmistress Nadine

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