What would give you that exhilarating feeling… the rush encompassing every nerve centre in your body … the high that tops any dungeon session… which you are constantly craving? By going one step further and feeding the desire to be totally helpless, controlled verbally, physically and mentally through a scenario of being snatched, grabbed or kidnapped.

Having made the decision in your mind, that this is what you desire most … not knowing your fate … what lies ahead of you … the torment … your cries for help going unanswered … anticipating what could happen. Now close your eyes and imagine Mistress Nadine organising this experience. Being kidnapped … held against your will by the strong and powerful yet feminine Dominatrix Nadine and her loyal servant named 6.

I have secured appropriate premises in the countryside … thus kidnappings can only take place around the Warwickshire/West Midlands vicinity. You will be grabbed - from an outdoor location … a car park … a lay by ... a pub. Bundled in the back of a white van or maybe you will be taken by surprise and tossed in the boot of my car. Gagged blind-folded and subdued no-one will see or hear you … and if they did would they care?

Depending on your ideas and budget here is a typical price for a not so typical kidnapping.

Tributes vary due to pick up and drop off points and other details.





Kidnap & interrogation (1 hr)

& 4hrs confinement


Kidnap & interrogation (1hr)

& 6hrs confinement


Kidnap & interrogation (1hr) throughout the night - 24 hour experience £890

You will of course be tortured and tormented by one or both of us during your confinement time.

A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for a kidnapping session.

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Imprisoned by Mistress Nadine