Financial slavery

You can adopt an account!

Should your fetish be to make Mistress Nadine's life easier by treating her to a haircut, or by lavishing her with gifts or even perhaps adopt a bill - this is the page for you. Not everyone is lucky enough to see me in person so you may serve me financially and I have created a situation where this is possible.

By not causing too many ripples in your life, it is still possible for you to serve a dominant female from afar. I am more then happy to accept online transactions. You may send a message to Mistress so that she can thank you for the contribution you share.

I do take on financial slaves, but only those that are serious - I have neither the time nor energy to expend on time-wasters.

Mistress would be happy with bills paid as one-off payments or monthly as stated below.

  • Shoes £100 per month.
  • Clothes £250 per month.
  • Nails £50 per month.
  • Hair £80 per month. .
  • Lingerie £80 per month.
  • Dungeon Toys and Equipment £100+.
  • Internet £35 per month.
  • Other Utilities £80 per month.
  • One months rent £1000
  • Half months rent £500.
  • Quarter months rent £250.
  • Promoting Mistress £25 per month.
  • Mistress Nadine's Continuing Educational Studies £100 per month

 Financial Slaves, please note, and remember, I also have a gift list and a wish list if you are feeling really generous.

Any slaves that do not wish to session, but who still would like to serve Mistress Nadine, may purchase anything off the gift list or visit my wish list page, and e-mail Mistress to gain the safe address to post items to. However you choose to financially assist and improve Mistresses Nadine's life your selfless giving will be greatly appreciated . Please note that this is NOT exchanged for sessions.

This makes Mistress's life sooo much more comfortable ... If that's your pre-ordained purpose in life then contact Mistress to adopt an account.




Mistress Nadine calls a financial slave