Under my control

Chastity prevents all kind of sexual behaviour, including sexual intercourse and masturbation. A chastity belt is any lockable wearable device designed to keep one chaste and to prevent the wearer from touching genitals by wearing and locking up.

Mistress Nadine will be the key holder who will lock the device up and will hold the key accordingly.

Mistress Nadine offers two services regarding chastity. Chastity can be used during the session … where a CB3000/Metal/Rubber/Electric chastity device will be fitted … and training on denial will begin. The second chastity option is where a key holding service is available for those lucky slaves who wish to let me decide when they can /cannot play, and where my control is paramount. If You will enter into an agreement, which will include a bond, for a period which can be renegotiated at any time.

Mistress will hold the keys to your sexual gratification, Mistress will control when and where… Total control 24/7, my Total Control. If you do not have a device… then I may take you shopping to purchase one … or order you to do this.

You will then be instructed to bring it to me so that it can be fitted. I will hold ALL the keys … (in the future it may be possible to secure a padlock which can be opened by text).

There will be no cheating. If for some unknown reason you escape from the device then you must inform me immediately so arrangements can be made for a refit… and/or a suitable punishment administered.

There will be a small monthly key holding fee for my trouble. I have listed a selection of the different devices which I thoroughly recommend. The Curve is usually the best restraint for the larger male. There are some devices made to measure and all types of cages can be found below. Best to read all about them and choose one to suit you! Suitable devices are available from:

Now that you have selected chastity to be your forte … contact me and we can begin your submission.

You will wear the chastity device at all times. You are prohibited from masturbating without my express permission. Any effort to remove the device is forbidden. It is your responsibility to maintain your hygiene and keep the device clean. You are prohibited from imploring Mistress for the removal of the device for the sake your sexual satisfaction.

Note: Mistress strongly commends Lovehoney for selling replacement parts for CB devices at very reasonable prices.




A slave wearing a chastity device